Special Competition Rules

The ECU anti-cheating guidelines, the FIDE Code of Ethics and the ECU Fair Play Code are valid for all the European Championships and all players, arbiters, organisers & participants shall observe these regulations.


An appeal against the Arbiter’s decision is to be submitted in writing to the Chief Arbiter, within 30 minutes after the end of the game. The appeal fee of 200 Euro is to be paid to ECU, and in case the appeal is upheld, the fee shall be refunded. The Appeals Committee may also decide to refund the fee if it considers that the appeal has been based on some reasonable grounds.


The European Anti Cheating Rules (ECU Tournament Rules, Part Q) and the FIDE Anti-Cheating guidelines (FIDE Handbook, A.10) shall apply. Upon arrival or any time during the event, captains or players may be requested to present their passports for the verification of a player’s age eligibility. Random searches, performed by means of hand-held metal detectors, may be carried out by arbiter(s), namely before, during or after the games.


The names of the Chief Arbiter and the Chairman of the Appeals committee will have been published

by 1 April 2024. The names of the Appeals Committee members will be announced during the technical meeting.

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